About Us

About Us

Hiking Voyager is the premier online source for those who enjoy the outdoors. On this website, we cover four main content areas: outdoor equipment, adventure hiking, camping, and photography. Our focus is on high-quality writing and photographs, and the site is intended to be clean and inspirational for the most enjoyable reader involvement.

Authenticity is something that we take most sincerely. Founder Name has designed the site from the start, and therefore we narrate precisely what we require without outside authorities. Our revenue comes from affiliate links, but we always maintain total editorial freedom and never accept any financial payment from companies for articles (you can learn more about our content and our method here). And despite continued growth, the website remains small at heart and solidly rooted in our regional tracks. Our supervisors and gear validators below all live near the mountains and are outdoors as much as possible because they adore it and breathe it.

We trust you enjoy Hiking Voyager and value your readership. And we inspire feedback and often include it on the site. Feel free to contact us, use the comments section underneath each article, and attach via social media on Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Guidelines and best products


Guidelines and best products


Guidelines and best products


Guidelines and best products

James Miller

James is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Hiking Voyager, gives a maximum of the content, and oversees day-to-day activities. He has an incredible love of going outdoors. He grew up in New York. After graduating, he took the path of being a Traveler. He took part of many hiking and camping events. He also has a good knowledge on mountain climbing. This website is the result of his passion.

Veronica Walston

Veronica is a Senior Editor at Hiking Voyager and currently lives in Lower Manhattan, Newyork, USA. Raised by camping-loving parents on the flanks of Montana. She has a passion for hiking and camping. This passion led her from home to jungle, riverside, mountain, and camp there at night to enjoy the beautiful view. Veronica is a writer and guide, exploring the topics of camping, life, and the spaces between.

Steven Johnson

Steven was born and raised in Montana, United States. He grew up in the nearby forest where he hikes within the mountains along with his oldsters and friends. He became a passionate path runner, mountain climber and competed in various ultra-distance events. Still, he is living in Montana with his family. He got inspiration from his father. Together, they pay most of their free time running, hiking, and exploring. They like to find out new areas at intervals driving distance.