To have a sound mind, we need to work out. But the key thing is that workout may feel boring for someone. Because we workout mainly indoors. That’s where hiking comes. An outdoor workout and very much enjoyable. But to enjoy it, you need to know what to bring on a hiking trip. These things can
There is a dilemma for those who love to head out into nature and enjoy the great outdoors: How do you wash your hair while camping? For some, this question might be an easy one. The answer is simple- just use water from the nearby river or lake! However, some campers want to keep their
We’re here with another topic regarding hiking, and that is “How to Tie Hiking Boots.” Tying shoelaces is easy, isn’t it? We’ve been doing it for years. Most of us master the shoe-tying or the standard lacing technique in elementary school and never really thought about it twice. But when it comes to lacing up
When we are camping we take some food with us so that we can treat ourselves and most importantly we can have something when we are hungry. Moreover cooking in the wild is more fun and if it is easy to cook and it is too tasty and healthy then the joy becomes double. The
Yoga mats are excellent camping equipment! They keep your yoga workout going on the go and offer to cushion and support your body. They absorb sweat and release it back to the environment. So you stay cool and dry, and most importantly... they are all-terrain... they won't lose their flexibility even when wet. But can I
Nowadays people love to go outside camping. Here we will discuss what to pack for camping. Before further discussion, first, you need to know- What is camping? Basically, it is an outdoor activity that means a group of people together spending one night or more in the tent or other safe shelter in the middle of
   We often go camping so that we can refresh our minds and become a part of nature. To enjoy the beauty of nature we should bear in mind that we are staying in a comfortable place. If we stay in an uncomfortable place then the trip will become a mere nightmare. So, the first and
Can I wear hiking boots everyday? Yes, You can wear hiking boots every day if you want to. They can be your go-to shoe for all occasions and can comfortably take on any task! However, it's important to know if you're actually wearing the right type of boot. Hiking boots can be worn for day-to-day
To know how to make a camping tent from scratch is a very handy skill. While camping one can have many options for accommodation like RVs, huge luxury tents, ultra high tech one-man tents and even making a homemade tent for camping.  Camping can offer many extremely rewarding activities and making your camping tent at
Sleeping bags are one of the most essential pieces of backpacking gear and come in two different types: down and synthetic sleeping bag. For many people, it is difficult to choose between these two options. The key difference between them is that down insulation provides more weight warmth than synthetic insulation. We will talk about