Camping is a great way to get back to nature. The only thing that might be missing is the campfire! So what’s the point of camping without one? That’s why you need to know how much firewood you will need for your trip. We’ve compiled this list of how many logs per day are necessary, depending on how long your camping trip lasts and how cold it gets at night.

How Much Firewood Do I Need For Camping?

For how many days do I need firewood bundle?

  • Single night camping trip requires one to two logs per person.
  • A two-night camping trip involves a total of three to four logs per person.
  • A five-day camping trip will need about six or seven logs per person.
  • A seven-day camping trip will require about eight to ten logs per person.

If it’s cold, how much will I need?

  • One and a half logs per person if it’s not too cold.
  • Two logs per person if the temperature is below freezing.

Remember, how much campfire wood you need varies depending on how long your trip lasts and how cold it gets at night.

How Much Firewood Do I Need For A Camping Bonfire?

The amount of firewood you need for a bonfire will vary greatly depending on how much fire you want. How big is your woodpile? How much wood can you cut before dark? How cold is it outside and how long will the fire be burning for?

If everyone in your group has their own axe or hatchet, this simplifies things quite a bit because you don’t need to worry about who gets which pieces of wood – just let people chop what they want! However, if you don’t have enough axes for everyone, you’ll need to set some ground rules.

Assuming that everybody has an axe or hatchet… how much firewood do I need? It depends on how big your woodpile is – if it’s a large one, you probably only want the bigger pieces of wood, so they burn longer and give off more heat.

If your woodpile is small, you can also consider how much firewood you have cut so far and how long the night is – how long do you think the fire will burn for? If it’s a very cold night and your woodpile is small, then maybe consider how you can split up the wood so that everyone gets to have a turn.

How to Get Cheap Firewood for Camping?

I am sure that you have faced such a situation before: You are all set for your camping trip, and it is time to get some firewood. Still, then you realize that it is either too expensive or not available for purchase at all. Fortunately, there are several ways to get a cheap bundle of firewood for camping. We will discuss them below how to get these type of firewood.

Avoid Buying Firewood from Stores

When you are out on a shopping spree, do not buy firewood available at stores or shops unless it has been already seasoned (dried). However, even buying dry wood can be pretty expensive, depending on where you live, so here is what I recommend.

Buy Firewood from a Friend or Acquaintance

If you have hiking or camping enthusiasts friends, then it will be easy for you to get cheap firewood because they might just give them away. The only worry is that the wood may not be dried yet, but if your friend knows what they are doing and seasoned the wood properly, then it should be fine.

Someone Who Has Cut Trees Recently

Suppose you cannot get dry firewood from your friends or acquaintances. However, you know someone who has cut down some trees recently and still has the trunks lying around on their property (these are called “slash”). In that case, that is another chance to obtain some free or cheap firewood from dead trees.

Buy Firewood from a Camping Store

A cheap option is to buy the wood at camping stores. However, these are more expensive than slash or free firewood because they have already been seasoned. You will also need to purchase other necessary equipment for starting your campfire with this type of fuel. So if you want cheaper options, then just go with the two options that I mentioned above.

How Long Does A Bag Of Firewood Last?

It depends on the type of wood you buy and what it’s made from. Generally, suppose you’re burning seasoned wood also know as dry woods. In that case, a bag will last three to four hours in an average-sized fireplace but may only last two or less if your firebox is small or drafty. On the other hand, you can expect logs to burn longer; a full-sized log can burn for six to eight hours.

What is The Best Type Of Wood To Use When Starting A Campfire?

There are many ways to answer this question and there are no “one-size fits all” kind of wood. Different types of wood burn at different rates and some produce more heat than others.

The three most common kinds of wood used for starting fires are Birch, Pine, or Spruce trees. These types of wood tend to be very dry, which is perfect when you need fire quickly in cold weather conditions. In addition, the bark of these tree species has a low ignition temperature making them an excellent choice for a fast fire. Birch and pine trees also contain oil in their bark which produces highly combustible gases when burned, making them great heat producers as well.

Another important characteristic to look at is the density of wood species. The denser the wood, typically the hotter it will burn because more oils can be released. The thicker the wood, generally, the more heat it will produce.

How Many Logs Should You Put In A Fireplace Before Lighting It?

There is no definitive answer to this question. The best way to approach it is by using common sense, experience and intuition. This will help you determine the best answer, as well as prevent you from wasting firewood.

What Are Some Other Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches?

There are a number of ways to start a fire without matches or lighter fluid. One way is with a magnifying glass and sunlight. Another method involves concentrating the rays from an LED flashlight on some dried leaves until they combust into flames. These methods will work in most cases.


How much firewood do you need for camping? How long will it last? How many logs should I put in my fireplace before lighting it up? How can I start a fire without matches or lighter fluid if the power goes out at my campsite and there’s no one around to help me with this task?

Hope the article will help you find all of the questions.


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