Beer usually provides the drink of preference in the great outdoors. It is easy to bring beer home and keep beers cold when camping near. But how do you keep warm beer cold while camping?

When your next camping trip comes around, you can keep beer cold anytime you do. When taking a hike packing and storing food properly is essential. During campsite travel, most people consider drinking an integral part of the experience. During your camping season, you have to pack & store your beer carefully.

How to Keep Beers Cold When Camping

Bring an Ice Box & Drink Cooler

It’s better to have two coolers for a camping trip if you can spare enough room and not have to walk miles to carry them. You can bring 45-quart insulated cooler with a storage rack, bottle opener/opener, holder, and 5 days of insulation Power to keep your beers cold while camping.

Additionally, you have an impressive 5-year warranty which makes camping coolers exceptionally rare. I have tried many drinks and fridges over the past five years and a piece of advice would be that I do not go cheap.

This doesn’t mean expensive coolers will work or never be useful. In general, when you’ve planned on camping only for 1 night a cheaper camping cooler is an ideal device.

Use the Cold Weather

Many people call it my Scottish tip because they could just assume he thought of that name. This tip though I’ve used mostly when I just cannot take an ice chest or cooler with me. Place your t-shirt in cool water and cover it to keep your beers cold while camping.

The freezing temperature helps you reduce the temperature of your beers. The trick works well but it’s not the best trick and if you wear a wet t-shirt it could seem like it was painful.

You may even want to read some of the tips below to keep your beer bottles cold as it may work better for you. I was considered a cold beer guy as I went to Germany Rock Am Ring because of that Little.

Windy Days Are a Bonus

You only have to cover up your bottles in a wet cloth like a t-shirt or wet socks. Or keep each bottle in a separate wet sock. Keep our wet wick-wrapped bottles in an area that is easy access to the wind. You’re able to hang the socks-wrapped bottles in branches of a wooded area.

But don’t keep it too low or in the middle because these trees are susceptible to swinging due to wind and falling on the trunk of a tree. The breeze keeps your beer cold. They may stay put if the wind makes it too cold.

And be wary of alcohol. Why is it painful to spend the time drinking? Why not let your drink out?

Bury Your Warm Beer

If your beer will keep you cold it will require excavation of a small hole in the ground. Ideally, you should get light sandy ground and soft soil all day long. If you place your beers just below the surface you’ll know it’s going cold if the air does not get too hot from the direct sun.

It can provide enough covering away from the sun and mean you can always see if it contains beer. If concerned about the possibility of dirt covering your beverage, you can place these drinks in plastic bags. Just remember that you should get out the bag with you afterward.

Sink Your Beer

If you’re camping near a small stream then use it as well. You can store your warm beers in a container and add something heavy so that you weigh the bag and then drop them some feet under the surface.

The higher the better it can be but please be cautious around the water in an unfavorable way. This tip may not be suitable at night because securing beer in darkness would be unsafe and unnecessary for most. Like in every camping rule the number one is to plan ahead and don’t act silly. So plan ahead to keep your beers cold while camping.

Is There Snow Around?

It’s an obvious one of course but I’ve been on trips with friends where they complain they don’t know a way to keep the alcohol cold… When camping in the snow.

Sometimes when people get tired after camping or hiking they’re sure things won’t come across easily. If you look up snow in your campsite today. So you can bury all those beers under the snow for another minute to get an ice-cold beer.

Store In Dry Ice

The dry ice method is the same as the colder method because it is stored in the cooler but with dry ice.

Dry ice is difficult to handle so should be handled very cautiously. You could have 2-3 pounds of dried ice wrapped in a wet towel in your cooler for two days and keep beers cold while camping.


Summing up how to keep beers bottles cold while camping you can get dry ice or block. Dry ice will work the best if it is packed with a wet towel for storage in a cooler overnight.

Beer will be more than two days without any problems but I would not recommend it because of how difficult and dangerous they are to handle.

If you have any questions about how to keep beer bottles cool please leave a comment below.

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