To have a sound mind, we need to work out. But the key thing is that workout may feel boring for someone. Because we workout mainly indoors. That’s where hiking comes. An outdoor workout and very much enjoyable. But to enjoy it, you need to know what to bring on a hiking trip. These things can make it very enjoyable. In this post, we are discussing what to bring on a short hike or hiking equipment list.

What Is Hiking?

Hiking developed in the 18th century for making walking pleasure. It is a long walk usually on trails or footpaths in the countryside. Hiking, in nature, could be a recreational activity. Particularly among those with desk-bound occupations, hiking could be a natural exercise that promotes fitness, is economical and convenient, and needs no special instrumentation.

What To Bring on a Hiking Trip?

To do a successful hike, we must keep in mind the equipment properly. Without equipment, your hiking may go wrong. You should also choose it properly. You must know what kind of gear you need for your hiking places and duration. Here are few hiking gear lists for beginners that you can bring on a hiking trip.

  • Backpack
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat or Cap
  • Sunglass
  • Headlamp or Torchlight
  • Walking Poles
  • Shoes
  • Cloths Etc.
  • Navigation tools such as a map and compass
  • First-aid kit
  • Knife or multi-tool

Now, let’s discuss these above lists about what to bring on a hiking date one by one. See another post on what to pack for camping.

Details of the items to Bring on a Hiking Trip


The most important piece of equipment is to choose a good waterproof backpack. The size of the backpack depends on where you are going and how long you are going to spend. If you want to spend the night, then I would suggest taking a 30-40 liter backpack. Here are the backpack requirements.

  • Made for Hiking
  • Waterproof
  • Strong
  • Gear Pockets
Water Bottle

A water bottle is also another important piece of equipment to bring on a hiking trip. You can not go long without drinking water. You can take any water bottle, but my suggestion is to check these things.

  • Insulation Quality
  • Easy to add ice or supplements
  • Leakproof
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Lightweight
Hat or Cap

You are going for hiking, that’s good, but you also need to keep your skin and neck safe from the sun. Choose a hat or Cap which is comfortable for you to wear.


Only protecting the skin is not enough. You need good sunglasses for your eye protection on a sunny day. Always pick one before going hiking. 

sunglass- what to bring hiking
Headlamp or torchlight

If you are thinking of Night hiking, you need things to bring hiking overnight trip, At night you should probably take torchlight. Torchlight is the best equipment for night hiking. The torchlight should be ultra-lightweight, rechargeable and it can also send a signal in an emergency.

Walking Poles

To ensure your safety should bring walking poles on a hiking trip. Walking Poles improve your balance and help you maintain proper posture, especially in the upper back.


Another must item to bring on a day hiking trip is hiking shoes. To enjoy hiking, you need hiking shoes or boots. It helps you to walk faster. There are three types of hiking shoes or boots you can bring on a hiking trip.

  • For dry climates or summer season Trail shoes, the best hiking shoes or boots. They are suitable for less rugged or rocky paths.
  • For muddy paths or rainy day Trail Hikers are the most comfortable shoes or boots. Trail Hikers are waterproof, higher cut.
  •  Mountain walking or hiking boots are best for hill or mountain hiking or walking. They have better grip and are extremely strong and also protect our ankles.

You also need to bring a pair of sandals on a hiking trip. 


Right clothes are a must to bring on a hiking trip. We can divide the hiking clothes for different weather conditions

  • Hot Weather
    • Choose light color clothes that can reflect the sun’s rays.
    • Nylon or polymer type cloth can be an excellent choice for helping to keep your body regulate temperature.
  • Cold Weather
    • Puffy insulated jacket with attached hood
    • Waterproof and windproof jacket
    • Fleece jacket, fleece vest
    • Long sleeve jersey
    • Hershel waterproof pants

Benefits Of Hiking

Hiking outdoors has plenty of perks: marvelous views, fresh air, and the sounds and smells of nature.

It’s good for you, too. Hiking is a powerful cardio workout that can:

  • Lower your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improve your vital sign and blood glucose levels
  • Boost bone density, since walking could be a weight-bearing exercise
  • Build strength in your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and therefore the muscles in your hips and lower legs
  • Strengthen your core
  • Improve balance
  • Help manage your weight
  • Boost your mood
    Read About more benefits.

Hiking Vs Trekking

Hiking Trekking
Done for fun or pleasure, to reconnect with nature and calm the mind. Also done for pleasure and fun, however, with a specific destination. Pilgrimages typically embody a quest for religious or ethical significance.
Established hiking trails and footpaths Cross-country hiking trails, dirt roads, mountain trails, or areas with no roads in the complete wild.
Anything that can be done overnight. From 2.5 mi (4 km) to 30 mi (50 km) Trekking lasts for multiple days and can be anywhere from 30 mi (50 km) to 15,000 mi (24,000 km) and up.
It can be a short day hike or an overnight hiking experience Usually over two days. As long as it takes to get to the destination.
For day hikes, typically a lightweight day pack with a bottle of water, lunch, and spare socks can fulfill. For a nightlong hike, you may get to bring a modification of clothes, more food, a tent, and a sleeping bag, counting on the accommodation. Hiking shoes or boots. For solo treks, a 50-60L backpack is important. You’ll need to pack a tent, sleeping bag, food, cookware, clothes, medication, compass, etc. To last for a minimum of a week or as long because it takes to achieve your destination. Sturdy, hiking boots with mortise joint support are essential.
You should be able to walk for at least 5 hours Trekking is often mentally and physically difficult. You have got to be during a pretty good fitness and ready to hike for regarding seven hours every day, for some days during a row.

Final Words

In this article, we are trying to give you the idea to do perfect hiking. Hope that you will get an overall idea about the things to bring on a hiking trip and help you make your hiking much more comfortable and enjoyable. Have a nice hiking trip.

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